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There is a lot of wedding advice out there. Sometimes it is hard to sift through it all and make a decision! Our job here at Jade Violet Wedding Floral is to provide you flowers that match your vision. Sometimes we meet brides that know exactly what they want. Other times, we meet brides that don’t have a clue where to start.  Regardless of which category you’re in, we’re here to help.

When coming to your first flower consult, we recommend that you are prepared to talk about the “style” you want your wedding to exude. Photos or fabric samples with your color pallet are fantastic to have on hand. And of course, identifying your favorite flowers before hand will allow us to find complementary blooms! Lastly, keep in mind how you may want to use flowers to create or complete your decor. Here are the most popular uses:

  • Bouquets

  • Boutonniere

  • Arbors/ Chuppas

  • Corsages

  • Kissing Balls or Flower Girl Basket

  • Cake Flowers

  • Centerpieces

  • Ceremony decor

  • Flower petal swirls on your aisle runner

Floral design can be very subjective – decide if you want a florist that you can give full creative control to, one that you can provide specific instructions, or someone who does a bit of both.

Not every florist fits every bride, but when you leave your appointment feeling relief and excitement, you’ve likely found the right fit!  Stay tuned for next week’s post- we’ll be sharing advice about incorporating sentimental meaning and detail into your floral decor & design.